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The maritime scenario in India is witnessing the dawn of a new era for women seafarers. Venturing into this primarily male-dominated society, women have been creating history at every step. They have overcome personal and professional hurdles, proving that they are as capable and strong as their male counterparts.

The Changing Shipping Scenario for Women

The maritime sector has not witnessed a drastic change in perspective over the last quarter of a century, but it has not been static either. There has been a gradual acceptance of the fact that women are as fit for the field as men.

The Role the IWSF Plays

“The IWSF was started to provide guidance and assistance to women in shipping. We noticed that many girls had similar problems in the workspaces, so we decided to have a centralized channel to address these issues”, says Capt. Radhika, the first Indian woman captain and one of the founders of IWSF.

About Safety Onboard

Safety for women on ships is a much-discussed aspect when any girl expresses her desire to join the maritime industry. As safety has become a top priority for sailors in the recent years, these worries are unfounded. Ms. Reshma Nilofer says, “Ships are very safe to work on. There are numerous safety regulations in place. Most of the accidents that happen these days are due to human error. However, if all the do’s and don’ts are followed properly, ships are even safer than land!”

The Technological Difference

The advancement in technology has added another dimension to safety and operations on ships. Automation has reduced physical labour. Chief Engineer Rupali Joshi says, “Technology has made everything very systematic. There is an increase in alertness and timely checks thanks to implementation of new technology. The software being used these days has improved alarm systems and made it easier to find possible problems well in advance.”

Responsibility of Safety Equipment Manufacturers

As safety equipment manufacturers, it is the duty of companies to ensure that all the devices they manufacture are compliant and efficient. In addition, innovation for better and more compact safety equipment is a must.

Final Thoughts

They are truly an inspiration for the young girls of India and we are sure that an entire generation of new seafarers is in the making due to their efforts.

We are very proud of their achievements and wish that they keep scaling greater heights ahead!

Source : SHM

Published On 12th April , 2018 @ !!!

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