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Tanker Market Ships Prices Start to Follow Freight Market Rates to Lower Ground

Where there’s crisis, there’s also opportunity. As such, prices for tankers are starting to face further downward pressure, which could prove to be beneficial to cash-rich investors. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Intermodal said that “the tanker market is undoubtedly passing one of its’ roughest times over the last years. T/C rates have fallen to very low levels and as a result the resistance that vessels were showing to further decrease on asset prices has started to show signs of cracking. The correction on prices has been evident on mostly larger tonnage”.

According to Intermodal’s Konstantinos Kontomichis, SnP Broker, “on the VLCCs, which are 15-yrs old we have witnessed a large correction on asset prices, which was most pronounced during q2 of 2017. To put things into perspective the “GOOD NEWS” (319,430dwt-blt ’02, S. Korean) was sold to New Shipping in May 2017 for $21.0m, while the price for similar aged unit today remains at the same levels. An example of this is the “ROKKOSAN” (300,257dwt-blt ’03, Japan), which was recently sold to Greek buyers for $21.0 million”.

Kontomichis noted that “in the Suezmax sector, similar price elasticities are also explored. The 12-yr old “EUROGLORY” (166,647dwt-blt ’05, Croatia) was sold to Eurotankers in June 2017 for $20.5m, while the 13-yrs old sisters “UNITED KALAVRYTA” (159,156 dwt-blt ’05, S. Korea) and the “UNITED LEADERSHIP” (159,062 dwt-blt ’05, S.Korea), were sold to Greeks in May 2018 for region $18.0m”.

“In the Aframax sector we have noted a similar situation with regards to asset prices. However the number of transactions is greater compared to larger segments. This specific size has traditionally attracted the interest of the buyers looking at the bigger tonnages (Vls, Suezmaxes and Afras). Despite the big interest on the specific segment and the competition amongst buyers, asset values remained steadily negative. The “EUROFORCE” (106,361 dwt-blt ’02, Japan) was bought by Eurotankers on February 2017 for $11.5m, while on April 2017 both “BULL SUMATERA” (106,560 dwt-blt ’02, Japan) and the “KALIMANTAN” (106,548 dwt-blt ’02, Japan) were bought by Indonesian buyers for $10.5 each. On the contrary within April 2018 the “GENER8 DEFIANCE” (105,538 dwt-blt ’02, Japan) sold for $10.2m and two weeks ago the “KRASNODAR” (115,605 dwt-blt ’03, S.Korea) was sold for $9.5million.”, Intermodal’s broker said.

He added that, “the MR prices showed the biggest resistance. For a long period of time, sellers of 13-yrs old Korean/Japanese build MRs were declining offers below $10.0. An example is the “BORA” (46,718 dwt-blt ’04, S. Korea), which bought by Unibros during March 2017 for $11.4. The same prices have been noticed during q4 2017. The ex-“SEAWAYS ANDROMAR” (46,195 dwt-blt ’04, S. Korea) and the ex-“SEAWAYS ARIADMAR” (46,205 dwt-blt ’04, S. Korea), were sold to different Greek buyers for $11.2m each. However the picture is changing in 2018. The pressure and the low expectations in wet market have caused a reduction in asset values to levels below $10.0. Within June we have witnessed the below deals: The “ENDEAVOUR” (46,101 dwt-blt ’04, S. Korea) was sold to Greeks for $9.8m and the “BIENDONG MELODY” (45,937 dwt-blt ’04, Japan) was sold for $9.0m”.

According to Intermodal’s broker, “it is clear that the current asset prices are at a 2-year low. How much further down they can go remains to be seen. Tankers at current prices are definitely the segment that owners and investors should be looking at. While no one is a prophet, you can’t go wrong with the age-old adage of “buy low; sell high”.
Nikos Roussanoglou, Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

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