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Containers report What we expect for March 2018

Carriers were optimistic about head-haul routes seeing box rate increases on February 1 and they were correct.

N Asia to East and West Coast N America routes back to Jan levels
N Asia to North Continent and UK return to early Jan levels
Mar Head-haul routes look set to drop further as some carriers already $200/FEU lower than our assessments

There were significant variances but they fell on the conservative side as they did not want to jeopardize full cargo sailing in the build-up to Chinese New Year.

It had been in the week to February 1; the North Asia to North Continent and UK routes both rose $50 to $1,600/FEU on February 1.

It was thought that $1,700/FEU would be the lowest level; one carrier was reported to have increased to this level but was unlikely to be able to compete with the other carriers who were at $1,600/FEU.

On the East Coast inbound route from North Asia, PBR5, the box rate dropped to $2,600/FEU from $2,800/FEU, February 23.

As mentioned earlier, the container industry had expected box rate decreases but with US annual contract negotiations starting to take place it had hoped for a calmer rate decline than the recent $200 incremental declines.

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