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Preparation For A Load Line Survey

Particulars relating to the conditions of assignment can be found in a form, commonly known as the Load line record

Which is carried on board. The Chief Officer should study the carefully to ensure that all the appropriate particulars have been incorporated into the Planned Maintenance schedule. The detailed preparations should commence three months before the expected date of survey.

Check that all access openings at ends of enclosed structures are in good condition. All dogs, clamps and hinges should be free and well greased. All gaskets and water tight seals should be crack free. Ensure that the doors open from both sides.

Check all cargo hatches and access to holds for watertightness especially battening devices such as cleats and wedges.

Check the efficiency and securing of portable beams.

If portable wooden hatch covers are used, check that they are in good condition and that the steel binding bands are well secured.

If tarpaulins are used at least two should be provided for each hatch. The tarpaulins must be in good condition, waterproof, of ample strength and an approved material.

Hatches which are closed by portable covers and made weather-tight by tarpaulins must have a steel locking bar across each section. Covers more than 1.5 m in length must be secured with two locking bars.

Inspect all machinery space openings on exposed decks.

Check that any manholes and flush scuttles are capable of being made water-tight.

Check that all ventilator openings are provided with efficient weather-tight closing appliances and repair any defects.

All airpipes must be provided with permanently attached satisfactory means for closing openings.

Inspect any cargo ports below the freeboard deck and ensure that all of them are watertight.

Ensure that the non return valves on board discharge are operating in a satisfactory manner.

Side scuttles below the freeboard deck or to spaces within enclosed superstructures must have efficient internal watertight deadlights. Inspect the deadlight ‘rubbers’.

Check that all freeing ports are in a satisfactory condition e.g. shutters are not jammed, hinges are free and that pins are of non corroding material. Check that any securing appliances, if fitted, work correctly.

All guard rails and bulwarks should be in satisfactory condition, e.g. all fractured rails should be re-welded.

If the lines are required to be fitted in certain areas, rig the lines and overhaul as necessary.

De-rust and paint the deck line, load line mark, load lines and the draught marks.

In brief ensure that the hull is water-tight below the freeboard deck and watertight above the freeboard deck.

On the day of the survey have the certificate and record ready for the surveyor’s inspection. The master should have sufficient stability information to show that the vessel can be loaded and ballasted correctly. Have all the necessary key areas which surveyor may want to inspect e.g. store rooms. Sufficient men should be available for work such as opening cargo hatches, and ladders and stages should be ready for the surveyors to view the load line marks.



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