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Jobs at ship

Jobs at ship and Sea Jobs are divided into three basic fields:

The Deck

The Engine Department

The Catering Department

 Commercial fleet of ships used for transporting various cargo and passenger ships come under the scope of Merchant Navy.


Fact : Three fourth of the earth’s surface is covered with water and major part of the transportation of goods is undertaken through the sea.


Jobs at Ship (Deck Department) :

Deck Officers is the collective term that is used for professionals working on the deck and includes the Captain, Chief Officer, Second Officer, Third Officer and Junior Officers. These officers are responsible for safe navigation of the ship.


The Captain: The Captain of the ship is also known as the Master of the ship. He is the officer who is responsible for the entire ship in terms of safety and discipline. The passenger, crew and cargo all come under his command.


The Chief Officer: The Chief Officer is also known as the First Mate. He is the officer next in command to the Captain.


The Second Officer: The Second Officer also known as the Second Mate is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance navigational equipment and other duties pertaining to safe navigation of ship . He is responsible for the navigational watches carried out while at sea and the cargo watches at the port.


The Third Officer: The Third Officer also known as the Third Mate is responsible for the  Life saving and Fire fighting equipments on board.


Jobs at Ship (Engineering Department) :

The various jobs available in the Engine Department are: Chief Engineer, Electrical Officer and Junior Engineers.


The Chief Engineer: The Chief Engineer is also known as the Ship Engineer. He is  head of the engineering department. Safe and efficient running of the entire vessel – the engine room, the communication equipment, refrigeration units, sanitary equipments all comes under him.


Second Engineer & Third Engineer: The Second Engineer on the ship is the officer responsible for the engine room, while the Third Engineer is responsible for all the spares for the main engine, the purifiers and compressors, condensate and feed systems.


Fourth Engineer: The Fourth Engineering Officer is a licensed member who mans the generators and the various pumps on board.


Engine Cadet: Trainee engineer on board who does not have the lowest level of license required to be on board the ship.


Electrical Officer:  The officer is responsible for the electrical equipment on board.



Jobs at Ship (Catering Department) :


The Catering Department is responsible for managing the kitchen, laundry, medical facilities and other facilities provided on board.

Chief Steward is assisted by a staff in Catering department.


Kapil (2/O)


  Maritime English ME
  Bridge Team Management (BTM)
  Bridge Resource Management (BRM)
  Basic Anchor Handling Simulator Course
  Offshore Vessel Handling and Maneuvering Course
  High Voltage Course
  DP Simulator Advanced Course
  DP Basic Induction Course
  DP Maintenance Technical Course
  Families of Indian sailors abducted
  Ship,Women and Superstition
  Under Keel Clearance
  Cargo Ship Construction and Survey
  Classification Surveys
  Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Survey
  Preparation For A Load Line Survey
  Steering Gear and Automatic Pilot Steering Procedures
  Navigating in a Tropical Storm
  Rules of Berthing
  Safety Conventions
  How would u know vessel is dragging anchor
  Sailor and Ship quotes
  Seafarer Jobs
  Jobs at ship
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