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High Voltage Course

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Modern ships and installations, have High Voltage equipment to handle the massive power requirements

Operators and maintenance staff of such equipment require to be well trained in all aspects of High Voltage Safety and various safety procedures for handling the same.

“High-Voltage Safety Course” offers invaluable benefits to Marine Engineers, Electrical Officers and ETO’s.

The “High-Voltage Safety Course” includes practicals on High Voltage Permit system, PPE, and hands-on exercises on an actual High Voltage Panel comprising of Vacuum Circuit Breaker, control circuits, Earthing switch, test equipment, associated interlocks, Potential and Current transformers, Bus Bar chamber and Low Voltage Safety Relay / control panel.


  • Understanding the safe management of HV systems on board including the HV power distribution system and electrical propulsion systems.
  • Know the switching/isolation process to make working on HV equipment safe. Usage of safety forms related with HV
  • Understand the fault tracing procedures and aim at restoring the system and maintain supply.
  • Maintenance, testing and operations of various HV systems on board.


  • Introduction to high voltage and revision of basic electricity.
  • Introduction to the various agencies controlling the rules and regulations for HV Ships.
  • Management level and operational level control documentation and safe working procedures on HV.
  • HV Power distribution, protections, instrumentation and test equipment.
  • Electrical propulsion systems.


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