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DP Simulator Advanced Course

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The purpose of this course is to give the student knowledge of the practical aspects of DP operations. He/she should be capable of planning and conducting any DP operation, including risk assessment, contingency planning and assessment of vessel capability. 

He/she should also be able to recognise conditions which will cause degraded operational status or emergency status, and alarms and warnings associated with worst case failure.

Objectives of the DP Simulator (Advanced) Course

  • To be familiarized with the components of the DP system, which include DP Operator, Computer control Operating station (MMI), Thrusters and propellers, Heading reference system, Position reference system, Sensors and Power
  • To understand the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) System of projections used in Maps
  • To be familiarized with the different types of Position reference systems , used in the DP system, including DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System), GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), Hydro-acoustic
  • Position Reference (HPR) System, ARTEMIS, Taut Wire Position Reference System, Laser Reference System and Rada-Scan (FM Radio) Reference System
  • To understand the Advantages and Disadvantages of the DP system
  • To appreciate the DP system’s ability of “Redundancy”
  • To understand the different types of Environmental sensors used in the DP system including current sensors, wind sensors (anemometer) and motion sensors.
  • To understand the different types of Thrusters and Propeller systems that may be found in DP vessels.
  • To understand the Power Management System onboard DP vessels.
  • To understand the factors associated with assessment of DP vessel Capabilities, including Capability Plots,
  • Footprint plots, Sensor and thruster operational limits etc.
  • To be familiarized with various DP system Alarms and failures including those associated with environmental changes and DP system control failure alarms
  • To understand Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEAs)
  • To understand the different modes of operation available in the DP operating system and their applications in carrying out various offshore and subsea operations as listed below:

a) FOLLOW TARGET mode in the use of ROV operations and diving operations.

b) AUTO TRACK mode in the use of PIPELAY and CABLE LAY operations.

c) AUTO PILOT or AUTO SAIL mode in the use of navigating the vessel within the oilfield.

d) WEATHER WANE option.

e) Rotating the vessel around various user defined centre of rotations while carrying out various critical operations.

f) Applications of DP in operations involving SATURATION DIVING.

g) Application of DP in Pipe-lay and Cable-lay operations.

h) Application of DP in ROV support vessels.

i) Application of DP in Drill ships.

j) Application of DP in Shuttle Tankers.

  • To appreciate the Safety Procedures associated with DP vessels and DP vessel operations.
  • To understand factors that may lead to DP incidents (discussion of DP incidents / case studies).


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